Billionaire's Love Suite: Chapter 2 first look

Reviewed By Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

Love Shadows by Catherine Lanigan is the latest in the Shores of Indian Lake series and it is a real heart-warmer. We meet Sarah who is stinging from the untimely death of her mother. Sarah had a high-powered job in the city but had returned to her family home to care for her terminally ill mother. Following her mother's death, she has no direction and she is failing at her job. She is asked to take leave to try to collect herself in lieu of being terminated. Sarah has an unfortunate incident with her terminally-friendly dog and that brings her into contact with Luke Bosworth. Luke has been widowed for two years and he is now the bitter caretaker of his two young children. Despite the supportive efforts of the children and friends in the small community, Luke has resisted moving past his grief and anger.

When the local church falls into disrepair, Love Shadows begins to take root and grow. Sarah becomes invested in the renovation and Luke is forced into decisions which are uncomfortable and, yet, they have the promise to move him from the trench of grief he has dug. Luke's character is a true portrayal of many who get stuck in the grieving process. And yet, the reader can see beyond the anger to a very decent and responsible man. Sarah is just feisty enough to stay the course. She is a sweet character who grows into herself as the plot progresses. Not a big fan of romance, I found this story to be enchanting and intriguing because of Lanigan's strong characterization. Whether you need a beach read or a tune-up on basic human emotions, you'll really enjoy this one!