The Christmas Star


The celestial phenomenon of The Christmas Star occurs every thirty years. For Tommy and Susie Magli, who fall in love under this magical star on Christmas Eve, 1965, it will have a very special meaning and carry with it a very special hope. Though they march together against her family’s disapproval, they make a vow to each other on that special night.

When Tommy answers the call of his patriotic upbringing and enlists in the Marines, their love is tested to the ultimate and remains so for the next thirty years. On Christmas Eve of 1995, Susie prepares herself to spend midnight mass with her family just as she has for the past thirty years. Although she is about to give in to despair and face a harsh reality, there is a side of her that never gives up hope and still waits for a miracle to occur. Will the Christmas Star appear this night and will it have any meaning for her this time around?

This heart-warming story of an American family held together by the power of love and an undying belief will illuminate fond memories and give new hope and strength to all who read it.

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