Re-Released! Angel Watch

After several years of being off the shelves, Angel Watch is available for online order!

True stories of angelic intervention in human life.

A woman misses her plane, then meets her soul mate on the next flight. A man curses as he passes his highway exit, then hears there’s a ten-car pile-up on his intended route. While skeptics may dismiss these as mere coincidence, renowned author, Catherine Lanigan knows them as divine intervention and, in this compelling book, she explores how we can use them to guide us onto our intended path.

In this thought-provoking collection of true-life miracles, Lanigan reveals how we all can travel through life on active “angel watch”—ever open to the many ways in which angels try to contact us through dreams, divine nudges, signs and visitations. She shows readers how to see signs instead of distractions; how to use dreams for direction; and how to follow our own instincts instead of getting detoured by others’ agendas.

By weaving a tapestry of inspiring, personal narrative, she takes readers on a voyeuristic journey, sharing the supernatural experiences of those around her. You will come away with a renewed awareness of the divine forces around you, so that you are more at peace with your place in life and more impassioned by your purpose.

At the very least, you will never miss an angel sighting again.


Angel Watch


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