Jesse Stanton cut her PR teeth on celebrity types, but she’s never met anyone like sizzling hot Oliver Harnett, former White House chef. Jesse’s head spins with romance until she’s the deadly target in a diabolical plot to destroy Oliver using Jesse as a hostage. 

A Passion she could not deny-a lie she could never escape…

From the depths of a London slum, Amanda Granger created an illusion of wealth and breeding that became her passport into New York society. With her dazzling beauty and the ease with which she lived her lie, Amanda captivated an adoring public and drove men to bold and dangerous passion. 

But for all her fierce ambition, all her daring dreams, Amanda Granger knew that her heart’s desires were held together by the fragile threads of deceptions and secrets. Triumph would always be elusive until she escaped from her web of deceit. 

A profound epic. Lanigan’s sprawling saga takes you from Jamaica to the Golden City of San Francisco, to the Forbidden City of Peking. Journalist, Barbara Mansfield must uncover long buried family secrets which are the key to exposing the corruption in her city by the bay.

They are heirs to a staggering fortune won through lies, greed and ruthless ambition—the children of Patrick Killian, who clawed his way up from poverty to build the gargantuan Emerald Chocolate empire in the lawless chaos of Prohibition Era Chicago. Caitlin, kind and loving cursed by blind loyalty…and forbidden desire. Sheilagh, wild and stunningly beautiful, a creature of raw, blistering sensuality, seeking stardom and love beneath the bright lights of New York’s Broadway. And Michael, impelled by conscience to shun the keys to the kingdom…but shackled by suffocating, unbreakable bonds of family.

Tormented by dark secrets, haunted by whispers of scandal and murder, they must now stand united against a gathering storm that could tear their house apart —and a devastating treachery that threatens their legacy….and their lives.

She had created a Golden Empire, but another dream was still to be fulfilled. SINS OF OMISSION is a sweeping family saga of passion and triumph that spans fifty years. From a life of poverty in a small French Province, Renee Dubois would fight impossible odds to become the sensation of Paris, in the 1920’’s and 1930’s, building a magnificent fashion dynasty that would span the globe. Yet the money and power that gave her entrée into the glittering glamour capitals of the world did not soothe the anguish of sacrificing the passions of her heart. Nor could it shield her from the vengeance of a woman obsessed with destroying her. It is Renee’s indomitable will and boundless love that let her triumph—for the family empire she had created and for the man she thought she had lost forever.

From the moment their eyes first met they knew their destiny…They were barely more than children, eager to explore life’s limitless possibilities- she, an adventurer’s impetuous daughter…and he, the handsome, rebellious son of conservative Texas gem dealers. Yet they knew from the first instant their hearts were forever one…no matter where the fates might lead them.

But tragedy and intolerance destroyed their cherished dream, and cruelly cast them down divergent paths—leaving them nothing but a dim memory of youthful passion…and the fading echoes of soft, whispered promises of eternal devotion.

Now Lilli Mitchell and Zane McAllister have come together again as adults on an adventure that takes them to magical and dangerous Machu Picchu where they have one last chance to recapture the lost magic of a love that was destined to be.

Amid the glitz of Monte Carlo and the dangerous diamond smuggling of the Ivory Coast, brilliant and beautiful Chicago fashion journalist, Friday Fitzhugh, risks her life and her heart chasing what she believes to be a prize winning story. Blisteringly handsome, diamond thief, Jack Boyier, maneuvers Friday like a pawn in his very secret and deadly game. Friday Papers is a highly-charged, passionate romance wrapped in a spy-thriller.

What do you do when your husband hits you? When your father only thinks of you as Daddy’s good girl? When your little son looks at you with tears in his eyes and asks you why you’re taking him away from home in the middle of the night? If you’re Susan Kidd, you forge a new identity for yourself and leave the past behind.

Like countless women who have made the wrong choices, loved the wrong man, let other people direct their lives, Susan decided to take control of her future. Bright, determined and hardworking, she had the courage to believe she could succeed. This is her story. It is your story…for in one way or another, we are all….BECOMING.

A woman misses her plane, then meets her soul mate on the next flight. A man curses as he passes his highway exit, then hears there’s a ten-car pile-up on his intended route. While skeptics may dismiss these as mere coincidence, renowned author, Catherine Lanigan knows them as divine intervention and, in this compelling book, she explores how we can use them to guide us onto our intended path.

In this thought-provoking collection of true-life miracles, Lanigan reveals how we all can travel through life on active “angel watch”—ever open to the many ways in which angels try to contact us through dreams, divine nudges, signs and visitations. She shows readers how to see signs instead of distractions; how to use dreams for direction; and how to follow our own instincts instead of getting detoured by others’ agendas.

By weaving a tapestry of inspiring, personal narrative, she takes readers on a voyeuristic journey, sharing the supernatural experiences of those around her. You will come away with a renewed awareness of the divine forces around you, so that you are more at peace with your place in life and more impassioned by your purpose. 

At the very least, you will never miss an angel sighting again.

It is Lanigan’s belief that angels are all around us, performing miracles both big and small, most of which we never acknowledge. Often, we call these fortunate incidents “good luck,” “coincidences,” and sometimes we label them as “mishaps.” Most of us rarely give credit to the divine in our lives, if at all. IN a series of illuminating tales, Lanigan shows us the incredible ways in which angels have brought her family and friends to a greater awareness of the unseen world. She shares her own near-death experience, a visit from the afterlife by her grandmother, and many other incredible tales of ghosts and angels. Through these experiences, we are reminded we are not alone and we are always protected.

Be they angels or loved ones who have become angels, these forces in our lives renew our faith in the divine and reassure us that true-life miracles do happen.

A man’s car breaks down in the middle of the Arizona desert. That day he has put on a brand new pair of boots and because he has not done the laundry yet, his only socks are a pair of thin, dress socks. His cell phone has no signal. Now he must walk to the next town to get a tow truck for his car. After walking a mile, blisters erupt on his feet. In desperation, he prays, “Lord, if you could just give me a pair of thick socks, I sure would be grateful.” As he takes a few more steps and comes around a bend, sitting on top of huge rock is a pair of snowy white, fluffy socks. Just his size. A man nearly dies, but is saved by his dog that knows him so well, he understands his master’s heart has gone into cardiac arrest. While skeptics may dismiss these stories as “coincidences” or “just imagination,” Lanigan believes they are angels and the divine at work in our lives. In this compelling book, she explores how we can use these interventions and signs to guide us on our intended path.