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Christmas in July!

Yesterday I had a “takeover” day on the Facebook HarlequinHeartwarmingAuthors site. I had a total of 749 visitors and 101 comments. We had a blast for over ten hours exchanging memories and ideas about Christmas. I conducted a giveaway of this gorgeous towel—very summer for a July Christmas. And I’m proud to announce my winner was Penny Wilfort from California. Congratulations, Penny. 

Because of the fabulous response I chose another seven bloggers and commenters as runners up and if they answer those emails, they will win a free book. Congratulations to all!  God Bless Us Everyone! 

The Christmas Star

  The celestial phenomenon of The Christmas Star occurs every thirty years. For Tommy and Susie Magli, who fall in love under this magical star on Christmas Eve, 1965, it will have a very special meaning and carry with it a very special hope. Though they march together against her family’s disapproval, they make a … Continue reading The Christmas Star

Young Adult Novel

  Teen treasure hunters, Lilli Mitchell, Zane McAllister and his techno-wizard, younger brother, Teddy, are coming into awareness of their incredible PSI powers as they comb Europe searching for seven ancient enormous jewels.  Powerful artifacts that will help them battle the evil and dangerous Bishop Carrington, a human monster who is determined to raise the … Continue reading Young Adult Novel