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The Jewel of the Nile

Catherine will be at THE CENTER FOR PERFORMING AND VISUAL ARTS in Hammond, Indiana on Friday March 19, 2021 for dinner and movie THE JEWEL OF THE NILE  with Q & A afterward.

Catherine will also be featured on WIMS Radio 95.1 FM 7:30 am on Tuesday March 16th.

Re-Released! Angel Watch

After several years of being off the shelves, Angel Watch is available for online order! True stories of angelic intervention in human life. A woman misses her plane, then meets her soul mate on the next flight. A man curses as he passes his highway exit, then hears there’s a ten-car pile-up on his intended… Continue reading Re-Released! Angel Watch

The Christmas Star

  The celestial phenomenon of The Christmas Star occurs every thirty years. For Tommy and Susie Magli, who fall in love under this magical star on Christmas Eve, 1965, it will have a very special meaning and carry with it a very special hope. Though they march together against her family’s disapproval, they make a… Continue reading The Christmas Star

Young Adult Novel

  Teen treasure hunters, Lilli Mitchell, Zane McAllister and his techno-wizard, younger brother, Teddy, are coming into awareness of their incredible PSI powers as they comb Europe searching for seven ancient enormous jewels.  Powerful artifacts that will help them battle the evil and dangerous Bishop Carrington, a human monster who is determined to raise the… Continue reading Young Adult Novel